Yulia Stark, president of EWA: Women’s solidarity in entrepreneurship and beyond

Yulia Stark is president of the European Women’s Association, international keynote speaker, board member and a serial entrepreneur.

Over the last 15 years, Yulia focused on building ecosystems and business bridges, establishing strategic mutually beneficial partnerships globally. Her early career lies in private banking, where she managed investment portfolios of her high net-worth clients. She is a Senator for Belgium at the World Business Angel Investment Forum WBAF, an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI. Living in the heart of Europe (Brussels), offers strategic opportunities, connecting East and West. She has developed a strong network of investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs and technology partners in her network. Active in the startup and scale-up scene, connecting founders to Business Angels and Venture Capitalists.
EWA (European Women’s Association) is an ecosystem supported by the European Commission and companies such as Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, NasdaQ. The European Women’s Association’s efforts create bridges between entrepreneurial success stories in which women are the protagonists. Recognized by the European Commission for its continuous work in promoting and supporting women in business on a global scale, EWA represents an ecosystem that brings together 10 different countries, ambassadors and international corporations and over 17 European partners. The EWA digital platform represents a trusted support network that provides business women the tools and framework necessary for scaling their ventures internationally.
As the president of the European Women’s Association, Yulia strongly believes in economical empowerment of women through education, entrepreneurship and Gender Lens Investment (GLI) approach.

Topics for discussion:
• Promoting and supporting businesswomen worldwide and how do such organizations as EWA help;

• Examples of good practices from the EWA ecosystem as a global promoter of gender equality;

• Women’s solidarity in entrepreneurship and beyond;

• Why do women support themselves in the private area, but less in the public area;

• The main challenges you face in the management of organizations composed predominantly by women;

• The values of female leadership, as she experienced in various cultures she has lived (Yulia is a mix of multiple cultures – she was born and raised Ukrainian, educated in Belgium, and working worldwide);

• How do EWA identify and support female talents;

• The evolution of public policies for female entrepreneurship worldwide;

• The way she has experienced feminism in her personal, professional and social life.

You can find out more in the interview https://youtu.be/DrT8UW1kukk

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