Why are women scientists almost unknown to the general public?

The study that released the most popular women in Romania of all time is a unique initiative of Tudor Communications that aims to explore the public perception of women in a variety of activity fields, especially in science and spheres of action considered being dominated by men.

We started with a statistic informing that Romania ranks second in Europe in the number of women inventors, although they remain almost unknown to the general public.

The study was conducted by market research and survey company VBS Business Solutions and provides a barometer of how we are aware of the achievements of women in Romania – both contemporary and those who are no longer alive. The study is a reflection of the public recognition of the values ​​that are the basis of professional success at all times.

The results were announced and awarded at the international media platform Feminism For Real launch event.

According to the study, the main reasons why women with extraordinary achievements in their fields of activity are almost unknown to the general public are the lack of interest of the media to promote real values; the fact that valuable women focus more on their work and less on communicating and promoting their performances, but also because of the general public’s preference to find out about celebrities of the moment, especially glossy and fashionable stars.

The study was based on 753 questionnaires processed by market research and survey company VBS Business Solutions. Here are some of the conclusions:

The basic characteristics of the women who built strong careers in their area of activity:

intelligence, courage, dedication, empathy, ambition.

Top 5 areas where women made themselves more noticed than men:

• charitable activities / social entrepreneurship;

• education;

• sports;

• medicine;

• media, television, vlogging.

Top 5 male-dominated professional fields where women rarely stood out professionally:


Aerospace engineering;


Technology / IT;


Factors that create gaps between women and men having the same career evolution:

Society’s prejudices;

Outdated concepts;

Gender discrimination;

Family prioritization instead of career;

Education in the family and at school.

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