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Touched Romania Association is an NGO that intervenes in helping children and families in difficulty, in order to prevent the abandonment of children and to offer them help from a material, educational and emotional point of view. The executive director of the association, Natalia Ungureanu, dreams of a day when there will be no need to fight against domestic violence.

The kind-hearted director is always on the lookout for new rescue and development opportunities for mothers and their children housed in the center, looking for jobs for them, educational opportunities for the little ones, anything that could bring them afloat and would could make financially independent. “Transformed lives, rediscovered hopes” is the slogan of the association.

Touched Romania există pentru a reînnoi Touched Romania exists to holistically renew the lives of mothers and children in difficult situations. The NGO was founded in 2005 and is based on Christian principles, respect for people and the right to a dignified life, regardless of social, ethnic or religious background.

The tireless team of the association achieves this by developing seven social programs that use a multidisciplinary and focused approach on children and their families. This is done through the appropriate support of mothers and their children and through close collaboration with institutions and organizations that share the same goals and principles. These programs are:

Casa Agar Maternal Center it hosts mothers and children in need, victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, poverty and social exclusion, giving them the chance to stay together and find their place in society as independent and productive people. Annually 10-12 mother – child / children couples find help at Casa Agar for periods between 9-12 months. Here I receive shelter, food, safety, medical care, medicine, counselling, a warm atmosphere of encouragement, as well as a basic educational program.

Through this, the children remain in the family, the best and safest environment for their development in order to reach their maximum potential. To date, the association has helped more than 400 mothers and their children stay together and build a future.

Maternal care program Small souls;
through this project we support  6 mothers / foster carers, together with 10 children in foster care. The program provides a monthly food allowance, an educational program for children and a support group for nurses.

Volunteer program Volunteers for destiniesdedicated to helping children with serious medical conditions, hospitalized Marie Curie and Fundeni, caring for babies in medical recovery, etc.and abandonment situation at the IOMC hospital and those abandoned in the Emergency Reception Center for abused children in Sector 4. Every year, more than 60 volunteers donate their time, resources and heart to help these vulnerable children.

Social Counseling and Reintegration Center – provides psychological and legal counseling to women and children victims of domestic violence, social and professional guidance, and support in social reintegration. Every year we help over 50 women in difficulty to find a job, a home and to evolve economically and socially.

The project  But from But provides material support (material donations, food, clothing, etc.) for about 300 people in need, thus preventing child abandonment, abuse and crime.

The project A chance at education – in which we offer / facilitate access to education, respectively access to preschool and after-school education and in addition we organize weekly meditations on mathematics, Romanian, English and French.

Transition Apartments – Agape. This program was born out of the need for social housing for mothers and children who were leaving the nursery program, but did not have the resources to pay their rent and maintenance. Annually, the transitional apartment program provides shelter for 5-6 families, for periods between 6 months and 1 year.

Touched Collection Social Enterprise, was established in 2012, following the development of the occupational therapy project for mothers in Casa Agar. Over time, the jewelry made by moms has become more and more beautiful and sought after. Every year, over 50 women in difficulty learn to make jewelry and other handmade objects, and the most talented and dedicated have the opportunity to work at Touched Collection.

All items are sold online to support mothers and children in need. In addition, the social enterprise offers social and professional guidance, counseling and seminars for the development of independent living skills.

If you want to buy the products made by these mothers, you will help them to be able to raise their children. Lavender bags are the latest products you can order by phone, directly from Natalia Ungureanu – 0745190196.

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