Vadim Ghirda – the Romanian photojournalist awarded with the Pulitzer Prize supports the #WeAreHalf campaign

Vadim Ghirda and the Associated Press team were honored with this prestigious award, for 15 images that reproduced in real-time the devastating human disaster of the Ukrainian war.

The Associated Press team, composed of Vadim Ghirda, Bernat Armangue, Emilio Morenatti, Felipe Dana, Nariman El-Mofty, Rodrigo Abd, won the Pulitzer Prize in the “breaking news photography” category.

The Pulitzer Prizes recognized the best professionals in journalism in 15 categories, as well as in eight artistic categories dedicated to books, music and theater.

Photojournalist Vadim Ghirda is one of the photographers who supported us in the #WeAreHalf campaign with a selection of pictures that illustrate the difficult situations that women in Ukraine live day by day, but also their courage to fight with a gun, shoulder to shoulder with men soldiers. In many of his photos, Vadim captured women in distress issues and life-limit situations – refugees, injured, abandoned women – but also women who did not hesitate to fight as soldiers to defend their country.

We are glad that the talent, sensitivity and humanity of this professional have been rewarded with an exceptional international recognition – the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography.

In 2017, Vadim Ghirda also won the second prize in the “Contemporary Issues/Singles” category with an image of immigrants crossing a river to reach Macedonia from Greece. The image shows a woman being supported by two men as they cross the river on March 14, 2016.

Congratulations and a big THANK YOU! for the generosity of joining the #WeAreHalf campaign, organized by the Solidarity and Equality Association.

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