The story of women fighting in the anti-communist resistance

Based on the recommendation of the writer Ana Blandiana, I also invite you to visit the “Women Enemies of the People” Exhibition at the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and Resistance in Bucharest. Peasants and aristocrats, intellectuals and simple women, elderly women, teenagers or even little girls, pregnant women and breastfeeding women have spent tough years in a communist prison, being considered a potential danger to the authoritarian regime. Like any totalitarian regime, communism did not take into account age, sex, level of education, state of health, or vulnerable situations. Many of the women and children in prison paid with their freedom or even their lives because they were daughters, wives, sisters of partisans, priests, and intellectuals who fought against the new communist regime. You will discover some of the life stories in the museum.

And if you want to learn the story of a unique destiny, I recommend Aristina Pop Săileanu‘s book,
“Long live the partisans until the Americans come! – Stories from the mountains, prison and freedom”.

This simple peasant from Maramureș went to prison at the age of 20 and came out, after 16 years, a real intellectual because the prisons were real “informal” universities that educated strong characters.

The Pop family sheltered and rescued Jews during the Holocaust, being awarded the title of “Righteous Among the Nations”, which can also be seen at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

The book is an epic of the partisans from the Maramureş Mountains, an oral history narrated by Aristina Pop-Săileanu, one of the last survivors of the anti-communist resistance in Romania, whose life story deserves a movie.

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