The most famous women in Romania of all time

Ana Aslan, Her Majesty Queen Maria of Romania, Laura Codruța Kovesi, Nadia Comăneci, Ana Blandiana and Melania Medeleanu are among the most popular and appreciated female personalities of Romania of all time. These are the results of a unique study conducted by Tudor Communications and VBS Business Solutions. The initiative explores public perception of women in a variety of fields of activity and provides a barometer of how we are aware of the achievements of women in Romania. The results were announced at the launch event of the international media platform Feminism For Real, with the support of the European Women’s Association.

“I created this initiative because I realized that feminism is more than a movement militating for equal rights; there are very constructive ways in which today we can gain recognition and freedom of expression. I want to redefine together, through this international hub, women’s solidarity, the vision and place of women in the world, whether they are mothers, wives, entrepreneurs or politicians. All women must benefit from the same place at the table of opportunity, the same chance, regardless of the part of the world”, said Mihaela Raluca Tudor, founder of

The top of the greatest Romanian women of all time was based on the votes of a mixed public. It includes both contemporary women and female personalities whose notoriety has crossed the centuries:

Ana Aslan – the most popular Romanian of all time;

Nadia Comăneci – the most famous gymnast of all time;

Simona Halep – the most famous Romanian tennis player;

Queen Maria – the most beloved queen of the Romanians;

Ecaterina Teodoroiu – The female model of heroism and devotion;

Laura Codruța Kovesi – the symbol of anti-corruption in Romania;

Smaranda Brăescu – The most famous Romanian aviator and parachute jumper;

Ana Blandiana – The most popular Romanian writer;

Carmen Uscatu and Oana Gheorghiu – the most appreciated fundraising team in Romania;

Angela Gheorghiu – the most popular Romanian soprano;

Maia Morgenstern – the most appreciated Romanian actress;

Andreea Esca – the most beloved TV presenter;

Maria Tănase – the most appreciated ambassador of the folk song;

Melania Medeleanu – the promoter of social solidarity.

On stage, the winners talked about the projects which made them famous and how they felt at the top of their public preferences.

“It’s great to be popular, it’s great to be notorious, but it’s really precious when you use your notoriety to militate against an injustice, when you find an injustice,” said Melania Medeleanu”, the founder of the Zi de bine Association.

“Whenever I was asked about my status as a woman, I replied that I was not a typical character. I didn’t feel discriminated against and I didn’t have complexes. Sometimes I even had superiority complexes. Cato the Elder, a Roman senator who opposed the granting of any rights to women, justified his opinion by saying that it is still difficult to keep them submissive because, if they were equal to men, they would be superior. It is a reality that lasts of 2000 years, perfectly valid even now, ”said the poet Ana Blandiana.

During the same event, three other women were awarded for their entire activity, for outstanding results in areas such as health, politics and education.

“We are honored to be in such a select group of ladies who are doing such beautiful things. I believe that together we can move the mountains in the field of health and education. We will continue our projects dedicated to women’s health in Romania and I would be very pleased to collaborate and be stronger together, “concluded Mihaela Geoana – President and founder of the Renaissance Foundation.

Also awarded for the entire activity were Maia Sandu – President of the Republic of Moldova and Andreea Paul – President and Founder of INACO Competitiveness Initiative, who introduced SmartLabs in Romania.

The Romanian subsidiary of the European Women’s Association was also launched on this occasion. The association works as an ecosystem that helps women entrepreneurs grow or finance their business internationally, and is a global promoter of gender equality and women empowerment.

The event was supported by: Carbogaz (main partner), Fair Value Consulting and EximBank (supporting partners). With the support of the EU Commission in Romania, the Diversity Charter and VBS Business Solutions.

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