The main challenges of female leadership in Romania and in the world

The second part of the launch event of the international media platform Feminism For Real focused on the main challenges of female leadership in Romania and in the world. The guests of the debate were:

Mihaela Tudor – CEO Tudor Communication and Country Leader EWA Romania, journalist and PR&Communication expert with 16 years of experience, mother of 3 children and 3 companies – TUDOR Communication, and TUDOR Media Productions – serial entrepreneur, country leader EWA Romania, passionate about everything that creates performance-based communication.

Anuța Stan – General Manager Fair Value, one of the largest evaluation companies in the country, with 17 years of experience.

Mihaela Miroiu – writer, philosopher, feminist theorist and activist

Moderator: Daniela Palade Teodorescu, coordinator of the platform

Debate: topics

● Why the scientists of the last century are better known than the contemporary ones. The results of the questionnaire highlighted a paradoxical reality – although we have many women with outstanding results in their careers, the contemporary ones are almost unknown.

● Public policies that stimulate the representation of women in organizational structures – political, administrative and social.

● The role of media and social media in popularizing contemporary women, especially women in science and innovative areas, almost unknown to the general audience.

● Women need to step forward and talk more about their achievements.

According to the study, the main reasons why women with extraordinary achievements in their fields of activity are almost unknown to the general public are the lack of interest of the media to promote real values; the fact that valuable women focus more on their work and less on communicating and promoting their performances, but also because of the general public’s preference to find out about celebrities of the moment, especially glossy and fashionable stars.

You can see all the debate here:

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