Aurora Constantin: Vulnerability attracts empathy, a priceless soft skill that helps us navigate life challenges

Aurora Constantin is a University Teacher and a researcher at the University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics. She is a member of the Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications Institute (AIAI). Her main research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Learning, Multimodal Interaction, Assistive Technologies, Educational Technology, Technology for Autism, and Reference Models. She contributed to the […]

The main challenges of female leadership in Romania and in the world

The second part of the launch event of the international media platform Feminism For Real focused on the main challenges of female leadership in Romania and in the world. The guests of the debate were: Mihaela Tudor – CEO Tudor Communication and Country Leader EWA Romania, journalist and PR&Communication expert with 16 years of experience, […]

Why are women scientists almost unknown to the general public?

The study that released the most popular women in Romania of all time is a unique initiative of Tudor Communications that aims to explore the public perception of women in a variety of activity fields, especially in science and spheres of action considered being dominated by men. We started with a statistic informing that Romania […]