Mihaela Miroiu: „I want feminism to be installed so that we don’t need it anymore”

Mihaela Miroiu is a feminist theorist and activist, writer, philosopher and civic activist. There are no discussions about Romanian feminism in which the name of Mihaela Miroiu is not mentioned at least once, because usually the references are multiple. It is a landmark in any pertinent debate about the values ​​of feminism and female leadership […]

Sofia Nadejde-the wisdom and hope of romanian feminism

Sofia Nădejde, portret realizat de fratele ei, Octav Băncilă

Lack of property rights, inferiority and total submission to a man, non-recognition of the right to work and guardianship over one’s own child, the impossibility of divorce and the lack of maternity leave – are just a few aspects that characterized the woman of the nineteenth century. But how far could this “feminine instrumentalization” and […]