Adrian Beu: „ Feminism is a form of humanism”

Who’s afraid of feminism? Certainly not Adrian Beu, psychologist, integrative psychotherapist, trainer, speaker, a constant supporter of gender equality. We are happy and proud to introduce the first man in the series of Feminism For Real interviews ”! Others will undoubtedly follow. Adrian Beu is an integrative psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, speaker, interested in everything that […]

Why are women scientists almost unknown to the general public?

The study that released the most popular women in Romania of all time is a unique initiative of Tudor Communications that aims to explore the public perception of women in a variety of activity fields, especially in science and spheres of action considered being dominated by men. We started with a statistic informing that Romania […]

A major milestone for women in Europe: gender balance on corporate boards

We can celebrate all the women and men who persisted to debate, listening, advocating, writing and pushing to finally reach an agreement that will now be endorsed by the 27 countries in the EU. We congratulate all the people who fought for that since 2012. Finally, after a decade of hard lobbying, we have an […]

Yulia Stark, president of EWA: Women’s solidarity in entrepreneurship and beyond

Yulia Stark is president of the European Women’s Association, international keynote speaker, board member and a serial entrepreneur. Over the last 15 years, Yulia focused on building ecosystems and business bridges, establishing strategic mutually beneficial partnerships globally. Her early career lies in private banking, where she managed investment portfolios of her high net-worth clients. She […]