The top personalities that Romanians identify as landmarks in the fight for gender equality

Mihaela Miroiu, Andreea Marin, Delia, Emma Watson and Michelle Obama are among the top personalities fighting for gender equality, according to Romanians*. Mihaela Miroiu (political scientist, philosopher and writer), Aluziva (Alina Greavu – activist, independent fundraiser, content creator), singer Delia Matache, Oana Băluță (teacher, a researcher specialized in gender equality and politics) and media personality […]

National Day of Equal Opportunities

Every year, since 2015, May 8 is dedicated to equal opportunities between women and men. It was established by the law 23/2015 dedicated to equal opportunities between women and men as an integral part of social policy. The legislative project for the establishment of this day was initiated by UDMR senator Rozalia Biro and it […]

The majority of women believe that there is still no gender equality in Romania

96% of educated Romanian women* from the urban environment believe that gender equality is not yet achieved in Romania. And 43% of these say they have witnessed inappropriate attitudes and behaviors towards women in the professional environment, including overt harassment. A large proportion of the research participants have heard or known cases of domestic violence, […]

International Day of Girls and Women in Science celebrated in Romania

The International Day of Girls and Women in Science is celebrated on February 11 worldwide. On December 22, 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution establishing an international day dedicated to recognizing the important role of girls and women in the fields of science and technology. The UN General Assembly decided to proclaim February […]

A historic decision on gender equality – Women on Boards Directive

The European Parliament adopted new rules this Tuesday on gender balance from corporate boards. By 2026, companies will need to have 40% of the underrepresented sex among non-executive directors or 33% among all directors. European Union invites large companies listed on the stock exchange to have 40% of the non-executive administrator positions occupied by women. […]

Gender equality, called “the mother of all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Have you ever imagined that in the United Arabian Emirates there is a Gender Balance Council? Moreover, in Dubai, since 2006, women have had an institute dedicated to their interest – Dubai Women Establishment. Since the establishment of the UAE in 1971, women in the area have enjoyed the support of the leadership and are […]