Mihaela Miroiu – Best Of

Mihaela Miroiu is the most consistent and influential opinion leader of liberal feminism in Romania, a point o reference for what real and authentic feminism can be. She influences the lives of thousands of people who benefit from her experience and she often goes out of her intellectual cocoon and recommends everyone to do so. […]

Gloria Steinem and her world-changing vision, as if women mattered

One of the great feminists of the 60s and 70s, Gloria Steinem, was a journalist, activist, opinion leader, speaker is one that can certainly inspire you. The first triggers that motivated her to become a feminist were her mother’s mental illness, her father’s abandonment and a nomadic childhood caused by frequent family moves. Gloria Steinem […]

Feminism – Humanism – Womanism

Feminity does not need to define for itself new attributes or qualities, it just needs to reconnect with its natural ones. Intuition, empathy, flexibility, care, compassion, resilience, team spirit, connection to nature, active listening, adaptability are timeless values ​​of female leadership that guide us into the new era of emerging technologies. Mihaela Miroiu, the reference […]

Mihaela Miroiu: „I want feminism to be installed so that we don’t need it anymore”

Mihaela Miroiu is a feminist theorist and activist, writer, philosopher and civic activist. There are no discussions about Romanian feminism in which the name of Mihaela Miroiu is not mentioned at least once, because usually the references are multiple. It is a landmark in any pertinent debate about the values ​​of feminism and female leadership […]

Eco-feminism – a possible solution to the climate crisis protecting women’s rights

Did you know that there is also eco-feminism? As we talk about the growing climate crisis, I invite you to a new perspective on this increasingly threatening reality. It may sound weird, but protected and balanced nature has to do with protecting women’s rights. Remember last summer’s fires and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Those […]

Beyoncé and the new wave of pop feminism

If the millennials have assumed femininity so naturally and casually, it is because one of her idols sent them this message. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, the famous American singer and actress, launched in 2014 a strong pro-feminist message with the song “Flawless”. If young women of this generation feel entitled to take action, it is partly […]