The main challenges of female leadership in Romania and in the world

The second part of the launch event of the international media platform Feminism For Real focused on the main challenges of female leadership in Romania and in the world. The guests of the debate were: Mihaela Tudor – CEO Tudor Communication and Country Leader EWA Romania, journalist and PR&Communication expert with 16 years of experience, […]

Aurora Martin – the Mobile Museum of Modern Slavery

Aurora Martin is a well known human rights activist, vice president of the International Institute for Human Security (an organization focused on the exchange and transfer of knowledge, tools and methodologies focused on the concept of development and sustainability of human security) and senior adviser at ANES (National Agency for Equal Opportunities for Women and […]

Roxana Dumitrache – feminism is about women who have lost their voices

Roxana Dumitrache was a cultural programs coordinator at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, PhD student in political science and feminist epistemology. She studied Political Science at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and has a Master’s degree in European Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. She has […]

Alice Nastase Buciuta on women’s solidarity

Alice Năstase Buciuta is a famous Romanian journalist and writer. She is a woman who openly admits the mistakes of the past, is open to exploration and evolution and makes the most of all the stages of professional and personal maturity. She is a strong voice of Romanian feminism, a woman who believes in female […]

Madam Secretary – the odyssey of a woman who made great history

Madeleine Albright, America’s first female secretary of state, remains an inspiration to those who were her contemporaries, despite the fact that she was often challenged, criticized. Sometimes valued, sometimes controversial, the famous American diplomat of Israeli origin, born in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) remained famous for her sharp style, for her brooches, each created […]

Womens rights in Afghanistan from hope to agony

Trăim în același secol XXI. Pentru aceste fete și femei, însă, viața a revenit la un Ev Mediu pe care îl oglindeam în filme și cărți.

We live in the same 21st century. For these girls and women, however, life returned to a Middle Ages that I reflected in movies and books.For them, human rights have become science fiction overnight. Sharia law on women’s rights, as interpreted by the Taliban: You will stay home all the time. It is not appropriate […]

There is no single type of feminism where are you

Nu există un singur tip de feminism. Tu în care te regăsești?

Feminism is spoken of with restraint, caution, and in a very general way, without knowing that there is a history of centuries ago, supported by people who have courageously assumed the desire to be pioneers for a noble desideratum – how more rights for women. Feminism differs depending on the historical epoch, the context that […]

Myths about feminism

mituri despre feminism

One of the reasons why feminism is misunderstood and underestimated is due to the false myths that have taken root in many patriarchal cultures. Here are some of the most common myths that undermine feminism around the world.   Feminism is just a movement for women.    Feminism is a hippie nonsense of the twentieth century. […]