Aurora Simionescu: „There is progress, but it’s slow, and it’s not enough, so we need to keep fighting to increase diversity and inclusivity in science”

Aurora Simionescu is a Romanian researcher, born in Brăila, PhD in astrophysics, one of the 13 Romanians included in the top 100 leaders of innovation in Central and Southern Europe. She graduated from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and did research at Stanford University in the United States as part of the Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship program. […]

Mihaela Miroiu – Best Of

Mihaela Miroiu is the most consistent and influential opinion leader of liberal feminism in Romania, a point o reference for what real and authentic feminism can be. She influences the lives of thousands of people who benefit from her experience and she often goes out of her intellectual cocoon and recommends everyone to do so. […]

Anuța Stan: „Feminism is not about fighting, but about resettlement”

Anuța Stan is General Manager of Fair Value Company, among the top 3 best companies in the country that evaluate businesses and real estate. She is a member of BNI Focus in Bucharest, one of the Romanian branches of Business Networking International, the World’s Largest Referral Networking Organization. Feminism For Real invited her to tell […]

Mihaela Tudor: „I think women have learned not to try to be men anymore”

Mihaela Raluca Tudor is a journalist and specialist in PR and communication with 16 years of experience, mother of three children and three companies (TUDOR Communications, and TUDOR Media Productions). She is a serial entrepreneur, country leader EWA (European Women’s Association) Romania, founder of Feminism For Real media international platform and passionate about everything […]