Diana Şerban about the connection between moral economy and female leadership 

 In a technical presentation, Diana Șerban is the CEO of Carbogaz, a company that promotes and supports sustainable development, that “everyday future” that we must internalize in everyday life, not just in companies’ programs, missions, and visions. Diana Şerban’s vision, “Live the future in every moment” goes beyond the power of a slogan and becomes […]

Queen Elizabeth II – a tribute to an icon of feminine leadership worldwide

We all had the privilege to witness Queen Elisabeth II’s unique leadership which created an incredible legacy of inspiration, trust and dignified public service. She was a record-breaking Queen, with the longest reign – 70 years. She was the personification of courage, grace, kindness and true majesty. In this world, there are people who hold […]

Feminism – Humanism – Womanism

Feminity does not need to define for itself new attributes or qualities, it just needs to reconnect with its natural ones. Intuition, empathy, flexibility, care, compassion, resilience, team spirit, connection to nature, active listening, adaptability are timeless values ​​of female leadership that guide us into the new era of emerging technologies. Mihaela Miroiu, the reference […]