Shelmina Babai Abji –  The most important story is the story you tell yourself about yourself

The author of the best seller Show Your Worth is a Tanzanian woman born in Mwanza, who has an impressive professional background. She has a double degree – one in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, and one in Mathematics, from Wadia College in Pune, India.
She was also the former Vicepresident of IBM VP, gender equality in leadership advocate, TEDx speaker, angel investor. As part of IBM’s top talent, she received extensive leadership training at IBM and Harvard. Her aim is to advance gender and racial equality in leadership roles.

Shelmina also serves on the advisory board of Girl Up, a global leadership development initiative by UN foundation positioning girls to be leaders in the movement for gender equality. „Sample of my talks and workshops of sharing lessons learned so girls and women can learn from my lessons and accelerate their success”, declared Shelmina in her TED Talks.

„The most important story is the story you tell yourself about yourself”, she says in her book „SHOW YOUR WORTH: 8 Intentional practices for women to emerge as leaders at work”. Her book is based on her life experience of being the first in her family to graduate college. She was going to become one of the highest-ranking women of color at one of the most famous companies in the world – IBM.

Her mission was twice difficult because all this professional evolution was happening while being a single mother, raising her two children since they were 2 and 4 yo.

She started her career as a Software Engineer and then moved to Sales and sales leadership. She has led global teams and various businesses in multiple sectors. At the peak of her career, she left IBM to help others achieve career success. She has spoken at many corporations and conferences including Google, Meta, IBM, Expedia, Boeing, Edward Jones and Black Women in STEM.

The most important story is the story you tell yourself about yourself

Shelmina Babai Abji recommends asking yourself:
What is the story you are telling yourself about yourself?
How often do you scan your mental chatter to determine that story?

Then work with yourself:
If you have been criticizing yourself, try approving yourself and see what happens.
If you have been telling yourself, you can’t do this, try changing it to I will try to do this
or I will learn to do this and experience growth 
Shift your mental chatter to

➡️be kind to yourself
➡️celebrate yourself for your small wins
➡️ be your cheerleader

In pages that are both inspirational and practical, Shelmina Babai Abji speaks directly to professional women – especially women of color – about how the power of being intentional and strategic can help transform the headwinds you face into much-needed tailwinds.

Show Your Worth takes you on a deep dive into the 8 Intentional Strategies that will help you achieve success, including:

  • Success: Define what success means to you
  • Attention: Develop your Personal Success Plan
  • Work/Life Balance: Achieve work-life balance in our disrupted world
  • Value Creation: Overcome fear, find your voice, and contribute at your maximum capacity
  • Growth: Seek relevant and meaningful growth
  • Relationships: Connect meaningfully with first-line managers, peers, mentors, and sponsors
  • Leadership Branding: Build and preserve your reputation as a leader
  • Promotions: Be strategic about earning a promotion

Photo: Shelmina Babai Abji’s Facebook page

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