Roxana Dumitrache


Pope Nicholas and other very, very short stories
Winner of the Debut Contest of Polirom Publishing House – 2019

Pope Nicholas and other very short stories “, published by Polirom Publishing House in 2019, is a collection of stories in which the author explores the condition of women in a world of men and is one of the 100 stories of civic involvement in the anthology” Civic Force of Women ”. She has published articles on the gender dimension in public policy, multiculturalism, civil society, minority and women’s rights. She was featured at the TEDx – Women of Now conferences with the talk “How Does a Feminist Pray?” which propelled her as one of the most credible voices of feminism in Romania. Her feminism is about empathy and solidarity, about autonomy and freedom in the broadest degree that the term entails.
This book is not about cancer, although one might think that we have developed a literary monomania about it. I don’t think it’s glorious to write about the disease, especially when you’re in a comfortable position to write about it. The stories are about fragility in all its forms, about the insecurities of young women, mothers, daughters who lose their mothers, the fears of stateless people or uprooted people, the small or big sufferings that populate the glassy offices of corporations. However, I want to believe that Pope Nicholas, despite the title, can be a tonic reading. ” (Roxana Dumitrache)

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