Romania, awarded at the Future Innovation Summit, represented by Mihaela Tudor, EWA Country Leader

The European Women’s Association (EWA), a global non-profit platform that promotes women entrepreneurs and their businesses, was awarded at the international event Future Innovation Summit, which took place in Dubai last week. The award recognizes valuable bridging between Europe and the UAE. Mihaela Raluca Tudor, the entrepreneur who represents EWA in our country, as Country Leader, Mihaela took part in the event. Starting this year, dozens of female entrepreneurs from Romania became active members of EWA, and some of them already scaled their businesses in the UAE.

“Entrepreneurs must continuously explore new opportunities and markets to grow our businesses. EWA plays an important role here because it has already created a global network that economically supports and empowers women. Thanks to the recognition from the Future Innovation Summit, the largest international event dedicated to innovation, we are even more confident in EWA’s mission and its success. That means bringing under the same umbrella remarkable entrepreneurial initiatives, created by women, which can have a significant impact in the world”, says Mihaela Tudor, EWA Country Leader in Romania.

EWA currently brings together 50,000 women entrepreneurs worldwide, from 15 countries, and has a robust ecosystem of founders and partners, both public institutions and corporations. Among them are the European Commission, Deloitte, UPS, Microsoft and Google. This autumn, EWA signed new collaboration memorandums with important business centers in the UAE – Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park. The documents are the foundation for connecting female entrepreneurs in Europe and the Emirates.

“It may seem surprising to many people, but the United Arab Emirates actively supports gender equality. They understood, before many European states, that the involvement of women in business leads to sustainable economic growth and the development of society as a whole. Tudor Communications, the company I manage, opened a branch in the UAE, with the support of EWA. We had an open and warm welcome, and since the beginning of this year, we are working with our new clients from here”, emphasizes Mihaela Tudor.

The United Arab Emirates ranks first among Arab countries in terms of gender equality. According to UNICEF’s Human Development Report 2022, the UAE ranks 26th globally on the Human Development Index, ahead of countries such as Spain, France and Italy. Access to a growing culture of entrepreneurship, innovative solutions and world-class learning opportunities are just some of the factors that attract European female entrepreneurs to explore the business potential of the UAE.

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