On This Day… Simone de Beauvoir

New year, new ideas.

As one of the directions we develop Feminism For Real is honoring the memory of those who made history for women’s rights, we are launching a video series „in memoriam” dedicated to those people we owe a lot

Without gratitude to our priceless ancestors, we cannot ask for more. Without their work, effort, risks and sacrifice, benefits such as the right to vote, education access, the right to drive a car, to own a property, a business, and the right to make choices in professional and personal life would not have existed. All these rights seem to us “taken for granted” or guaranteed from immemorial times”, but it is not so at all.

So if you ever feel tempted to say “oh, but I don’t feel discriminated and I don’t see the point of any feminist movement”, don’t forget that all the privileges of today last only for around a century. And they can be limited or canceled at any time.

In honor of all those who made these privileges possible, we created the “on this day…” series.

We invite you to contribute to this series by proposing names that are representative of the history of women’s rights.

We start with Simone de Beauvoir, the famous French writer and feminist.

Photo: By Moshe Milner/Wikipedia


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