Myths about feminism

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One of the reasons why feminism is misunderstood and underestimated is due to the false myths that have taken root in many patriarchal cultures. Here are some of the most common myths that undermine feminism around the world.

  •   Feminism is just a movement for women.
  •    Feminism is a hippie nonsense of the twentieth century.
  •  Men can’t be feminists.
  •  Feminists hate men.
  •  Feminists believe themselves superior to men.
  •  Feminism is repulsive.
  •  Women support women in leadership, political and administrative positions.
  •  If you are a feminist, you are a radical person who noisily manifests her feminist principles.
  •  Feminism is just about gender equality (and only about gender equality).
  •  Gender and sex are the same – see the recent “gender or sex” controversy mentioned on ID cards.
  •  Feminism is for adults only.
  •  Feminists are careless, single women with no children.
  •  Feminism contradicts the principles of religion, which believe that women must obey the man in all things.

If you know such myths, write to us. We will be able to debate them and dismantle them together.

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