Mihaela Miroiu: „I want feminism to be installed so that we don’t need it anymore”

Mihaela Miroiu is a feminist theorist and activist, writer, philosopher and civic activist.

There are no discussions about Romanian feminism in which the name of Mihaela Miroiu is not mentioned at least once, because usually the references are multiple. It is a landmark in any pertinent debate about the values ​​of feminism and female leadership and a spark that has transformed many of the professional and human evolutions of her disciples, her readers, and those who follow her on social media. She is a real mentor. An example of activism and civic strength. It’s a privilege to be contemporary with her and to have been around her in a few journalistic meetings, so she was obviously the first name on the list of Feminism For Real interviewees.

She is the author of around 20 books and I mention just the most popular of them – “With My Woman’s Mind,” “Retro Society,” “The Birth of Democratic Citizenship.” Women and Power in the Modern Age ”,“ The Invaluable Women ”,“ The Thought of the Shadow ”,“ The Birth: Living Stories ”.

Here are some of the most brilliant insights from the interview:

Who needs feminism and why?

I didn’t become a feminist just for the glory.

I think I was a feminist since my childhood, but I didn’t actually realize that.

You choose to be a feminist because of a great discontent.

To have the luxury of not being a feminist, I would have to live in a non-misogynistic world.

In the key cultural areas, there are extremely few women.

Women are almost entirely missing from manuals during formal education.

The intellectual figure who emerges from the ivory tower to speak for the ordinary public.

What does feminism involve as a way of life?

Feminism does not have to be a closed-circuit story.

I stand in solidarity with other women who are dealing with similar problems.

Feminism is not against men at all.

Feminism rejects misogynistic thinking, something that even women engage in.

There is a lot of misogyny everywhere from children’s stories to textbooks and novels.

I was a misogynist until I gave birth.

When I was honored with the “think like a man” compliment, I was a misogynist intellectual.

Misandry is less widespread than misogynism. Misogynistic feminism exists as well.

We need complete humanity – men and women alike. There are no degrees of superiority or inferiority between the feminine and the masculine.

I believe in the concept of humanist feminism. Feminism fills the void in classical humanism.

Feminism began with Mary Wollstonecraft’s book in the Enlightenment in 1792.

Am I a feminist, and did not realize it?

Primary school teachers need feminist education. Male writers abound in school-taught literature. Gabriela Adameşteanu, Ioana Nicolaie, Nora Iuga, Ioana Pârvulescu, and Laura Grunberg are among the Romanian authors whose works will be included in school curricula.

Gender segregation in education was only abolished in the 1960s.

Is it more difficult to be a feminist now, than it was in the beginning?

Feminism in Romania was very similar to liberalism and socialism.

There were feminists who have lost their lives or their freedom. In Romania, there were no public martyrdoms of feminists. This self-sacrifice was manifested at home.

More and more domestic violence victims are killed by their partners.

I recommend to see the movie „Iron Jaws Angels” – a documentary about gaining the right to vote.

I only put my reputation at risk, not my freedom or life.

I am not a supporter of feminism that is hostile to men. After all, future men are born and educated by women, and they are the daughters of men. Men can be opponents but also supporters.

Is this a myth or a reality that women promote women?

Although the term “fraternity” is widely used, “sisterhood” still sounds forced.

There is no sisterhood tradition earlier than the 1970s and 1980s.

In private life, women are extremely supportive of one another.

 Women’s solidarity complaints come from the professional and political spheres.

Society must be reflected in Parliament

In terms of public policy, we need solidarity.

I want feminism to be installed so that we don’t need it anymore.

You can follow the entire interview on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNppxKe7acs

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