Maia Sandu – the president who loves justice and human dignity

The President of the Republic of Moldova has more and more admirers in Romania as well. Her courage, tenacity, perseverance in upholding her values ​​in an extremely difficult and hostile period gives many of us the hope that one day we could have such a president in Romania. Competent, empathetic, uncompromising, but attentive to people’s needs and authentic in events. Her fragility, feminity and elegance give the feeling of comfort, relief, true compassion. I admired her decency in speech, tone, body language, as well as her perfect alignment of elegant outfits with the solemnity of the moments.
It was impressing the discreet presence of the Martisor on the lapel of her deux-pieces in the critical moments when the war in Ukraine was blowing directly on the coast of Moldova. A glimmer of normality in a wild world. A real anchor of hope.

In 2016, when she first ran for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova, her opponents spread numerous discriminatory messages against Maia Sandu – that she is not married, she has no children, she doesn’t meet the “standards” imposed by a deeply patriarchal society. Messages were quite sensitive for the electorate of that time. The elegance of her reaction to these discriminatory messages and the perseverance to continue her mission built, step by step, the growing admiration of the supporters, but also new followers, among the generations of young people in the country, but also in the diaspora, who consider her as an angel who will save the country from poverty and moral degradation.

She is the president who sincerely deplores the depopulation of villages and towns, the result of the country’s corruption, all the disappointments that made the young people leave. She wants to change something in today’s economic situation to change the mentality of young people and give them reasons to stay or return to the country.

She longs for her childhood when there were many children, many people around her. She describes warmly the days when parents had much more time for their children. She admits that had no aspiration or dream of high social positions, no ambitions to reach the top, but she always had a spirit of social justice; she loves justice, fairness and human dignity.

She speaks with empathy about the citizens she represents and always puts them at the forefront when she receives congratulations for her work, without assuming about her results. She is not sensitive to praise, which she “diverts” to the team. An important goal is to persuade valuable professionals to join the team. She is very open in her relations with the press, appreciates transparency as a governing value and promotes it in her public appearances.

The brave president is preparing to turn 50 in the spring. Born in Risipeni village, Falesti district, she attended secondary school in her village.

In 1994, she graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Faculty of Management. Then, from 1995 to 1998, she studied at the Academy of Public Administration in Chisinau and graduates Master’s in International Relations.

Maia Sandu worked as a consultant, Deputy Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Economy, worked as an economist at the World Bank Office in Chisinau, was Director of the General Directorate of Macroeconomic Policy and Development Programs at the Ministry of Economy and Trade, then a consultant on various projects in the field of good governance and public administration reform.

In 2010, Maia Sandu graduated with a Master’s degree in public policy, after completing her studies at the Kennedy School of Public Administration at Harvard University USA. From June 2010 to July 2012, she was an Adviser to the Executive Director of the World Bank in Washington.

Between July 2012 and July 2015, Maia Sandu became Minister of Education in the Government of the Republic of Moldova. In May 2016, she founded the Action and Solidarity Party, a position she held until December 2020 and which she resigned after winning the presidential election.

Between June and November 2019, Maia Sandu was appointed Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

On December 24, 2020, Maia Sandu became President of the Republic of Moldova, after the elections of November 15, 2020, when the second round of the presidential elections took place.

Photo: Facebook official page of Maia Sandu

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