Luiza Spiru on „the legacy” of Ana Aslan

Luiza Spiru is a primary physician in geriatrics-gerontology, geronto-psychiatry and anti-aging medicine, professor and medical doctor at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest, President of the Ana Aslan International Foundation and head of the Center for Excellence in Diagnosis and Treatment for Memory Diseases and Longevity Medicine, one of the practitioners who believe that aging can be controlled.

She is also the head of the department of the University Clinic of Geriatrics and Gerontology of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. She is the editor of the Brain Aging platform and the creator of Ana Aslan International Academy of Aging, the initiator of

, a national event with international participation, credited by the Romanian College of Physicians, the Romanian College of Pharmacists, the Romanian College of Psychologists and the Order of General Nurses and Midwives in Romania.
She is considered the successor of Mrs. Ana Aslan, the most popular woman in Romania of all time. Among the many contemporary women and also women who passed away and who were mentioned in the study initiated by Tudor Communications Solutions, from a variety of areas (social entrepreneurship, medicine, education, art and culture, media, science and technology), the name of Ana Aslan it is in the top of the Romanians’ collective consciousness, her notoriety has not been attenuated, diluted by the time, but on the contrary.

MD Luiza Spiru explains why Ana Aslan brand has such huge notoriety – because Ana Aslan was a pioneer, a visionary in anti-aging therapies and she has found medical solutions to the massive aging of the population. Ana Aslan is a role model for feminine leadership and Luiza Spiru intends to fulfill Dr. Ana Aslan’s dream – the recognition of geriatrics as a medical specialty. She did not want Romania to lose the status of a pioneer in geriatrics.

We approach the topics related to gender equality in medical sciences arias and medical research and the importance of having extraordinary mentors. In the 50s and 60s, it was very difficult for a woman to be a doctor – women gathered around strong and relevant men- but it is not available nowadays. She still recommends young professionals have mentors with common passions.

Luiza Spiru says that among her resident doctors and her Ph.D.students, most are women  (90%). She admits that women can do more, but they need more understanding and support. „Women are very well genetically endowed and they are responsible by their nature. A woman approaches things from the perspective of partnership, care for family and relationships.”

Find more on the book related to the life and profession of Dr. Ana Aslan – „The Legacy” on video podcast

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