Female leadership

Credible, authentic, inspiring female role models – regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity. Values and motivations that define feminine leadership. Ambassadors of feminism.
Examples of women building visionary world-changing businesses. We cherish them, honor them, promote them, encourage them, recognize their merits, bring them into the spotlight, reward them.

Women have the power to positively influence the world around them. Especially if they have the decision-making power and influence of an entrepreneur.

Here you will find credible role models of women who have built valuable businesses and communities.

Their energy moves the world and inspires people who join or follow their example. Every entrepreneur has such a story, and we immortalize them here.

For women, the work-life balance is a difficult goal to achieve. The two plans complement each other when each finds its “meaning of work”, the “meaning of business” that comes from its deep vocation, which makes them unique and special.

When a person discovers his personal WHY, work becomes valuable and fulfilling, and the work-life balance is easier to balance.

Because work is life and it’s very hard to separate them. Here you will find valuable debates about roles and values, not about KPIs. Here you will find conversations about roles and values, not about KPIs.

The stories of women leaders in Romania. Celebrities or anonymous heroines. Of all ages, occupations, and social conditions. Visionary women that act either professionally or personally in a responsible way.

They are the living proof that living in a world that pays respect and acknowledges their strength is a better world for all. Here you will find out their stories for which they did not have neither the time not the courage to tell. As leaders inspire and motivate, so do stories.