„Cable Girls” series – How women lived a century ago

We recommend the Spanish series “Cable Girls” – Las chicas del cable, a wonderful radiography of women’s lives in the interwar period, full of awareness about the condition and rights of women.

The series begins with the confession of the main character Alba:

“In 1928 women were seen as accessories for fun. Objects that cannot express an opinion or make a decision. Life was not easy for anyone, but especially for women. If you were a woman in 1928, freedom seemed impossible to achieve. To society, we were simple housewives, mothers, and daughters. We have no right to have dreams or ambitions. In search of a future, many women had to conquer the world on their own, and others had to face the norms of a male-dominant and misogynistic society. In the end, all of us, rich or poor, were looking for the same thing: freedom.” 

The series was filmed in Madrid and tells how the lives of four young women change after they start working for a telecommunication company. For them, having access to a job was a blessing that offers them decent pay and some independence. Each main character has a different motivation for asking a job in such a modern company of those times.
Alba Romero, named Lidia Aguilar to conceal her identity, seeks a job to reconnect with her former lover and complete a revenge mission. Ángeles Vidal is a young mother who experiences domestic violence from her abusive husband and tries to become independent. Carlota Senillosa wants to escape her controlling father and her rigid high society life, and Marga Suarez joins the company to escape from her village and start a new life in Madrid. The four women are a real example of authentic female solidarity, and together they experience a new life based on freedom, independence and respect.

The movie series reveals the issues that working women faced in 1920s Spain – women in distress stories, domestic violence, homosexuality and the severe restrictions on the rights of Spanish women.

You can also read the book with the same title.

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