Aurora Martin – the Mobile Museum of Modern Slavery

Aurora Martin is a well known human rights activist, vice president of the International Institute for Human Security (an organization focused on the exchange and transfer of knowledge, tools and methodologies focused on the concept of development and sustainability of human security) and senior adviser at ANES (National Agency for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men), founder of a unique project – The Mobile Museum of Modern Slavery.

Three years ago, an American foundation gave her the opportunity to initiate the Mobile Museum of Modern Slavery, an information and awareness project that would bring to the Romanian communities another perspective on human trafficking, a criminal issue that has covered the entire continent and is recruiting its victims from poor areas, especially in Romania and the Republic of Moldova
The mobile museum of modern slavery is set in a minibus and Aurora Martin travels and visits Romanian villages exposed to the risk of poverty and ignorance and warns about human trafficking. She chose to visit poor villages and small towns because there are many children and young people exposed to double pressure: the lack of economic means, as well as the lack of information.

Poverty and ignorance are the two main factors that encourage human trafficking. She is aware there are many vulnerable areas in Romania that would need such a mobile museum of modern slavery in each county. Education is essential for girls and women, especially in these poor areas exposed to domestic violence, abuse of all kinds, poor health and various forms of criminality. This vulnerable population needs awareness and prevention of abuse against women. People who visit the museum leave traumatized.

Aurora didn’t consciously choose to be a feminist. For her, feminism has come as an added value. As a student, she noticed that Romanian literature is full of scenes describing abuse against women and injustices in the structure and well-being of the family. The role of school

education in raising awareness of women’s rights. Feminism is no longer belonging only to the elites because gender discrimination occurs at all levels.

Because she spent part of her youth in communism, Aurora remembers the effects of pro-natalist policy on women. They were the main victims of communist ideology that resulted in over 10000 deaths of women because of unsafe abortion. It was a female genocide. Aurora suggests a rehabilitation process for all these anonymous heroines from the communist period. Compared to that age, reproductive health is a privilege for today’s women.

Back to the present, Aurora describes the third wave of feminism that involves celebrities because society needs them to speak up about women in distress issues and fight against them. The discourse on women’s rights has become much more natural and media also can shape a correct perception on women’s abuse. Media and new media have a huge influence on normalizing female speech. Feminism is part of the information delivered daily as the example of the adoption of the word “sisterhood” in DEX.

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