Anuța Stan: „Feminism is not about fighting, but about resettlement”

Anuța Stan is General Manager of Fair Value Company, among the top 3 best companies in the country that evaluate businesses and real estate. She is a member of BNI Focus in Bucharest, one of the Romanian branches of Business Networking International, the World’s Largest Referral Networking Organization.

Feminism For Real invited her to tell us about being an evaluator, a job that, from the outside, seems quite technical and somehow dull. We asked her what are the challenges of such a job for a woman working in an industry that might seem more suited to men and which are the main strengths of female leadership that this industry can benefit from.

At the beginning of her career, 17 years ago, most of the industry was composed of men. In the last 10 years, the proportion has changed, and many women entered this industry.
Even if the evaluators’ industry seems more suitable for men, women also get involved. „Women are very attentive to details and the part of discussions with customers. We are a mosaic composed of engineers, economists, lawyers”, says Anuța Stan.

The evaluators are not just value observers, but creators of value and the essential value for us is people. The working atmosphere is relaxed and reliable and people feel safe.

Female Leadership Values ​​

“Givers Gain” is the philosophy that guides us in the BNI Business Networking International community. Be willing to give first, before you expect to gain. And it is a fact that women are more willing to help. Anuța Stan admits that women support themselves in this business field: „I have friends with whom we work for competing companies and with whom we exchange experience. If you trust someone, this is available both professionally and personally

If you want things to happen, get a woman to do them

„I am careful about what I say to ensure I can do what I say. Women have to get used to stepping forward. In many liberal professions, the majority of management is male. Me too, I have to back out of doing things I could have done precisely because of the fear of not being labeled as unrealistic. Sometimes women feel the need to be pushed from behind. Women still have work to do on this shield of indifference to things that are said or may be said about them”, says the General Manager of Fair Value company.

„In the beginning, I also thought that men were better suited for evaluators’ industry. We have now reached a balance between the proportion of men and women. In our company, eight couples prove this mutual support and balance. I give my colleagues a lot of freedom to decide how they want to work. A difficult moment from a professional point of view was when our first colleague left the company. I considered it almost a personal failure”, Anuța Stan admits.

She considers that the desire of doing good can also be associated with femininity. She often wonders „Why does feminism have to be against anything and why can’t we women be comrades as men are?!”

Anuța is motivated to join Feminism For Real initiative by the fact that not everyone has access to the information that quality feminism brings in. She says there are many people who could do beautiful things for feminism, but have no idea of it. „For me, feminism is not about the fight, or dissatisfaction, but about a resettlement”, concluded the General Manager of Fair Value company.

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