„Agora” – the movie about Hypatia from Alexandria

If you want to see a historical film about Egypt and the glory days of the Alexandria School, the institution that gave antiquity many geniuses, “Agora”, directed and produced by Alejandro Amenabar in 2009, is a good choice. Especially since you will find out the story of Hypatia, the first philosopher, astronomer and mathematician of antiquity, an example of a misunderstood female genius, unassuming and finally annihilated by an extremist religious group that saw in her a threat to the laws of Divinity.

Cursurile pe caHypatia’s lectures in the amphitheater of the Alexandrian Library are an example of what the open minds of Egypt meant in those days, of the respect given to a woman remarkable in vision and erudition. Respect that also involved a sacrifice – the assumed celibacy of the young scientist and the renunciation of the protection that marriage would have brought her.

The film follows the tragic fate of this woman far beyond her time, harassed and killed in troubled times when science was considered the enemy of religion. A true witch hunt that Hypatia resists with stoicism and dignity, to the ultimate sacrifice.

A big congratulations to the actress Rachel Weisz who gives face and nerve to this first feminist of antiquity, in a film to see and review.

Photo: Holywood Multiplex

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