Adrian Beu: „ Feminism is a form of humanism”

Who’s afraid of feminism? Certainly not Adrian Beu, psychologist, integrative psychotherapist, trainer, speaker, a constant supporter of gender equality.

We are happy and proud to introduce the first man in the series of Feminism For Real interviews ”! Others will undoubtedly follow.

Adrian Beu is an integrative psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, speaker, interested in everything that involves human development. Adrian has over 10 years of experience in psychological counseling, psycho-pedagogical counseling and psychotherapy. He initiated many personal development projects for students and well-being for adults, is known for his explanatory interventions on bullying in school. He is a member of ARPI, the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychology and former editor-in-chief of the „Psihologos”, a magazine for education and psychology, supported by the Sibiu County Center for Resources and Educational Assistance.
He is also a supporter of gender equality who wants to explain feminism to everyone. Here is in an inspirational conversation with Daniela Palade Teodorescu, Editorial director

He believes in gender equality and he considers that feminism has benefits for both men and women. „Feminism isn’t just a movement for women. Feminism is a form of humanism, and as a psychologist, I embraced feminism. I have never been directly criticized for supporting feminism.”

Adrian Beu admits that are a lot of myths and misconceptions about feminism and there are toxic types of feminism in various forms. „In the field of feminism, we need more education; women’s and men’s roles have evolved over time. The roles are divided according to the superpower of each person and there are a lot of stereotypes about feminity and masculinity. Feminism educates both men and women and feminism must not stand against men – so authentic feminism does not imply criticizing masculinity”.

Adrian Beu is concerned about how men will evolve in the future, as pornography and video games occupy a significant amount of time in the lives of boys. „In the future, what models of masculinity will we refer to?”

Feminism is about education and getting the proper values.

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