Alexandra Violin sang for Feminism For Real

Alexandra Violin (Alexandra Gromic, on her real name) was the founder of the first vocal-instrumental quartet in Romania, “Amadeus” where she performed for 13 years.  Together they created a new musical movement, bringing classical music to unconventional stages. When she was 7 she got her first violin, as a gift from her mother, and they have remained inseparable ever since. Even if she wasn’t very excited about the instrument because that stole a lot of her playing time in her childhood, it was a fact that her entire professional life would develop around this instrument. Gradually, the classical violin turned into the electric version.

Eight years ago she began a solo career, under the stage name Alexandra Violin, and admits that this is the formula in which she expresses herself best as an artist. Her repertoire is rich and extremely versatile, adapted to the type of event she is invited to.

Alexandra has an impressive portfolio of national and international events (European Parliament 2010, World Expo Shanghai 2010, Festival International des Artistes de Cirque – France, 2017) and does not hesitate to join charitable causes, such as the concerts held in the courtyard of the Marie Curie Children’s Hospital (Budimex) during the pandemic. She is a mother of two little children and looks very impressive in her stylish, luxury outfits on the stage.

At the launch of the international media platform Feminism For Real, Alexandra performed a unique artistic moment on the terrace stage of the Suter Palace. 

Thank you, Alexandra, for your extremely feminine, warm, generous and elegant presence!

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