An entire folklore dedicated to this social scourge circulates in the form of myths, superstitions, customs and, unfortunately, even in the form of cheap anecdotes and gossip. The most famous saying is the beating is broken from heaven “, as ingrained in the Romanian collective mind, as toxic. Below are some of the most widely […]

Physical violence is just the tip of the iceberg

If you think that 1 in 3 women worldwide has experienced some form of domestic violence, it is very possible that you or someone close to you has gone through this and most of the time have not realized that it is abnormal what It happens to him or, even if he feels that something […]

Domestic violence data and figures

  Violence against women is an old country of Romanian society, a social scourge that takes various forms – from the most subtle forms of emotional violence, to severe physical violence, culminating in crimes that shocked the world. If you think that 1 in 3 women worldwide has experienced some form of domestic violence, it […]

Feminism in Afghanistan

leadership feminism

In the context of the humanitarian and political crisis in Afghanistan, with the direct consequence of drastically limiting women’s rights, it is time to meet those who, with insane courage, promote women’s freedom and expose the abuses of women and girls. Sediqa Sherzai is a journalist and founder of Radio Roshani in the conservative city […]

Gender equality is learned from home on the grass

Have you ever been surprised to tell your children to be careful what you learn, otherwise you will end up on the broom, maid “or if you don’t get your hands on the book, do you end up pulling the washer or picking up trash after others?” and many others in a similar register? Have […]

We cannot talk about female leadership without solidarity

leadership feminism

I could only speak of female leadership with the gratitude of being able to live it in my professional life so far. I was very lucky to have mostly female leaders, which I later realized when I was about to read the avalanche of testimonies triggered by the #metoo movement. All the abuses reported there, […]